We can print a logo with artwork supplied or letters onto latex balloons or foil balloons.  They can then be used to promote a business or brand. These printed balloons are very popular as a form of advertising services.

The printers always make up a proof before printing goes ahead so once it has been checked and agreed, it is not the fault of the printer/supplier if a problem is later found.  Please allow 4-5 days for this service.

Balloons can be printed neck up for air inflation or neck down for helium filling.  

For weddings and special occasions, giant three feet foil balloons are available to mark the special event they can be deflated after the event and kept as a special momento of the day and look great inflated at the top of columns of balloons for entrance halls.

Printed balloons are an effective marketing tool and are a cost effective way to attract the public’s attention to your branding.

Our printers offer you a fast, efficient and personal Balloon Printing service – the minium they will print however is 25 latex balloons but they can print up to 1000's as well.   We prefer to use top quality balloons to guarantee you a top quality result – and our prices are very competitive, but if you should require more cost effective quality of balloons then we can quote for these too.

We have a new supplier called www.myballoon.com that allows you to upload yourself, your favourite picture and message and they print the foil balloons for you.  If they are sent directly to our shop in Newport Pagnell then we can inflate them for you.

We can also personalise bubble balloons.